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Picture of Gemma's head and shoulders, femme presenting with pale skin, hazel eyes, and long wavy hair that is dark and grey. Gemma is standing in front of a brick wall with the sun shining on a green palm above her head. She is wearing a knitted black and pink jumper.


I’m Gemma, my pronouns are she/her or they/them (either is fine!).
I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and I celebrate neurodiversity.


I’m easy going, conscientious, and passionate about helping people. I’m a bit of a dork, and I love when people are able to relax into being their authentic selves.


When I’m not massaging, you might find me out in the wild looking for mushrooms or petting a floof, dancing and being silly at festivals, or chatting for hours with friends over a drink.

How Did I Get Here?

Massage has always been of interest to me, and is a wonderful combination of the things I enjoy: working with my hands, being able to be flexible, to keep learning and growing, and above all, connecting with people and helping them to feel better.


I’ve spent a good deal of my working life in office environments. Generally corporate, stressful places that drained the joy and energy from me. They were not sympathetic to the human experience, nor were they nurturing environments for physical or mental health.


At several stages throughout my life I've wondered about becoming a massage therapist, and eventually I took a beginners weekend course at the London College of Massage. Completing the course transformed my ponderings into a firm conclusion: Whether career based or not, massage was a skill I wanted to learn and be able to offer to those around me. 


I finally threw in my corporate towel and became a dog walker whilst I started training, and completed my ITEC Diploma in Therapeutic massage with the School of Natural Therapies in London.

Now that I'm living in Bristol I have the space to treat clients in my home, as well as offer a mobile massage service in and around the city.

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