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A close up view from a client's perspective.  Gemma is working on the client's left leg with  both hands on the client's upper leg, one hand  adding pressusure with the heel of the palm,  and the other hand is stoking flat against the client's skin below. The client is laying on grass, and is wearing a black velvet body suit. Gemma is kneeling on the grass and you can  see a section of her dress which is golden yellow with green diamonds and purple flowers.


The intention behind my 'Human Kind' options is to allow my clients to give what they can and take what they need.

I believe in community, and that when we are kinder to each other, everyone benefits.

If we can support each other, the world becomes just a little bit better for everyone. 

If you're a key worker or on a low income, you can book an appointment on the Human Kind rate below.

40 minutes   £30

60 Minutes   £40

90 Minutes   £65

If the Human Kind rate is outside of your means, please get in touch to ask about a

Human Kind appointment.

If you're able, and would like to pass on some kindness, you can make a contribution towards the HumanKind pot.


All funds given will be assigned to cover clients who just need a little support, so that I can make my service accessible to as many as possible.

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